IWC Throw Back Thursday: 5 Speeds of the Brain from Dec 2017

How fast does your brain run? Would it get a ticket if it was on the highway? Don talks about the 5 waves of the brain which he likes to consider speeds. Join him in this conversation and learn about the brain.

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IWC Interview Podcast: Gina and I Talking to Adrienne the Confetti Cannon

What is a confetti cannon? What does it have to do with kids or anxiety? Adrienne Johnson explains about her role as a Confetti Cannon and her meeting the Yogi in White in India. Join us for this lively conversation…

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Stories from the OCD Side: Claire Dunn tells her OCD story

Claire Dunn, author of the book “At Last Count” tells her life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how it has affected her life leading her into theatre and writing a book. Join us for lively story.

#clairedunn #At Last Count #ocdstories #obtrusivethoughts #invisiblewheelchair #donaldgrothoff #ocd #ocdrecovery

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IWC Podcast 71: – Meditation Smeditation – I can’t do this!

I can’t quiet my mind. I can’t meditate! I hear that all the time especially from my clients. They just don’t get it, it is kind of out there in the foo-foo world so no one really understands it. I believe there are a lot of myths that surround meditation. You have to be the guru on the mountain in order to do this. You have to clear your mind…yea right! What is meditation? How can I do it? There are ways that it can be done in our busy schedule because it is important to our health. Let’s bring it down to earth and understand. Join me…

Couple of things mentioned in this podcast with links:

Isha Yoga Center  – Guru Sadhguru


Sharon Najak – 5 Steps to Calm

#meditation #ishayogacenter #dhyana #chan #zen #sadhguru #dhyanalinga #sharonnajak #ishakriya #awareness #invisiblewheelchair #mindfulnesss 

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: Compared To Me from 2017

What is normal? A lot of clients come to me and tell me they just want to be normal. Compared to what? Who defines what normal is? Is there a set of standards? There are laws and rules they try but that is not what makes us up. Let’s talk about comparisons and normal on this Throwback Thursday podcast.

#normal #invisiblewheelchair #societalrules #laws #beingnormal

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IWC Interview Podcast: Gina and I Interviewing Bethany Gettis

Gina and I’s interview with Bethany Gettis from NDelish

Bethany Gettis is a highly dynamic Internationally known Certified Holistic Nutritional

Consultant and REAL Food Advocate. Bethany is focused on guiding busy, health-conscious mothers to their own optimum healthy lifestyle through nutrition while creating constant holistic balance and harmony.

After all, she created her business Nutritious & Delicious because she believes a healthy family starts with a healthy parent.

Links Provided for Your Show:

Nutritious & Delicious Website:

Gut Chek Hair Test For Food Intolerances/Heavy Metals & Nutrient Deficiencies:

gutChek N&D

Social Media Handles:

Facebook- @nutritiousanddeliciouseating Instagram- @nutritiousanddeliciousmom

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