IWC Interview Podcast: Jenna Overbaugh – OCD Specialist Therapist

Having gone from Rogers Behavioral Health to online NOCD Jenna found a difference in how she was able to treat OCD patients. Also, having gone through Post Partum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder herself she found better ways to treat her patients. Find out more about Jenna in this podcast. Join us…

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IWC Podcast 44: Food and Anxiety Part 3 – Processed Foods

Do you know what processed foods are? Do you indulge in a lot of processed foods? This podcast might change your mind. Dr. Michael Smith from Carolinas Natural Health Center in Charlotte, NC talks about what processed foods are and the health effects.  This podcast is part of a 4 part series dealing with food and anxiety, the effects of foods on our gut and brain. Join us now to hear more…

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IWC Stories from the OCD Side: Don Grothoff – Founder of Invisible Wheelchair and Family OCD

Don Grothoff – Founder of the Invisible Wheelchair tells the story of how the OCD beast invaded their home and start them down a whole new adventure and led to starting this podcast and Family OCD. He tells of the day it started. Join him now…


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