IWC Off The Cuff Podcast: Ways to Handle Anxiety During a Pandemic

During the pandemic and now as we slowly move out of it anxiety has been escalating at a pretty dramatic rate. Gina and I did a six part series on this topic. In this part are the first three episode talking about anxiety, respect and communication. Join us for this lively conversation…

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Sponge Years: IWC Tapping Podcast 6

This is the tapping recording for IWC Podcast 6 The Sponge Years

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The Sponge Years – Child Development and OCD

The first years of a child’s life are the times when that child is taking it all in with little to no filters. These are the formative years that are so important. It is during this time that we can create a positive life or we can start to develop issues including OCD. Child development needs to be a parents highest goal.

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