IWC Podcast 52: I Want To Be Positive, Maybe Not!

If you think of the gear shift in your car, it has usually the following

P = Park

R = Reverse

N = Neutral

D = Driver

L = Low Gear

Which of those gears would you consider positive? “D” for drive correct? Maybe. Being positive is not all it is set up to be. Take a look at this podcast and discover a difference in how we think of positive and negative. You might be surprised at the answer and how it helps us get past the anxiety and stress.

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IWC Podcast 51: Men Anxiety Emotions Get Over It

As a father of two daughters with OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I had a difficult time in dealing with all the stress, anxiety and anger that came out during the roughest times.  I have realized that I am not alone, men have a tougher time dealing with emotions in themselves and others. This podcast talks about that…

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IWC Best of 2020: Conversation about Finding the Right Foods with Krista Sigmon

Since we have learned over this series the effects of food on our brain and anxiety in this podcast we now look at how to find good food. Krista Sigmon, Certified Health Coach, shares how to find the right foods, where to find and what to look for. Plus she share tips on some of the best practices with dealing with food. Join us now to learn more…


#foodallergies #foodanxiety  #foodwaste #organicfoods #wholefoods

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IWC Best of 2020: Talking about Food and Anxiety with Dr. Lexi Lain

Today in the first of our 4 part series Dr. Lexi Lain talks about how food literally affects the brain and anxiety. She breaks down for us what food does to the stomach, brain and it’s effect on anxiety. Did you know that gluten can have a direct affect on mood and anxiety? Find out more listen now to the podcast…


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IWC Best of 2020: Dealing with OCD during a Pandemic

A pandemic virus outbreak such as the CoronaVirus not only cause physical sickness and injury but affects the brain with high anxiety and stress. This podcast discusses tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety during such a crisis.

#invisiblewheelchair #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #anxiety #covid19 #pandemic #coronavirus

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