A teenage client made this statement regarding her on emotional issues: “I wish they could see my invisible wheelchair, maybe then they would understand what I am going through and stop giving me trouble.”

How perfect of a description of many of the disorders that are out there where there are no outward, physical appearances of what anguish is going on inside.

I am Donald Grothoff, an EFT Practitioner and Behavior Transformation Specialist. I am also a father, husband, business owner, friend and parent of three children, two with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My wife and I work with parents in the Sandwich Generation, parents stuck between raising their children and taking care of aging parents.

In our life, we are in that situation ourselves and have met so many parents who have to also deal every day with stress, exhaustion, fear and, worry because they are dealing with all of that from two sides.

Our passion now is helping parents in that situation get through the transitions, anxiety and fears of their aging parents while handling their own children’s needs.

We have kept the Invisible Wheelchair Podcast up but are no longer adding more content, it is here now as a resource for those who are suffering with OCD. Gina and I are now doing a new podcast called Focused Healthy Family Podcast, where we address issues confronting parents, especially those who are in that Sandwich Generation.

To find out more about our work go to: focusedhealthyfamily.com, focusedhealthyfamilypodcast.com and, focusedhealthyfamilyblog.com