OCD Stories from the Invisible Wheelchair

The first story…

“At 27, PANS has torn my life apart. My case has been severe -jumping out of cars, screaming, breaking things, having trees move in and out on me while outside, suicidal attempts, feeling like I am what can imagine it would be like to be on acid and more. I understand you stated it’s uncommon in adults,and perhaps that’s true in regards to PANDAS triggered by strep –but not at all in the case of PANS. Please help me spread awareness to help other adults suffering needlessly. It breaks my heart to talk about all of this, but not as much as it breaks my heart to think of others like me suffering alone when they do not need to… I believe we will make a difference –even if just one person’s life.”

SW  (Texas)

Is Fred in the Refrigerator from IOCDF on Vimeo.