IWC Stories from the OCD Side: Rachel Huber Tells Her OCD Story

Having OCD most of her life it really expressed itself the heaviest after her child was born. Obsessions with the possibility of hurting herself while pregnant caused concerns about the health of the baby and made her life a living hell. Join us for this conversation.

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Stories from the OCD Side: Sophie from England Tells Her Story

Sophie Pulley not only gets herself through OCD she turned it into something to help others. She tells her story in this podcast, join us…

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Stories From the OCD Side: Keith Ramachandran Tells His OCD Story

Cleaning the kitchen for 4 to 5 hours after dinner! Cleaning all your roommates rooms for them in college! Keith wasn’t a maid service, he had severe OCD and didn’t get diagnosis till after he got married. He talks about how it was to cope and get by is OCD situation. Hear Keith tell his story now…

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Stories From the OCD Side: Erin Ramachandran Tells her husband’s OCD story

Keith and I have been married for 13 years. Though he has had OCD since he was ten, his diagnosis didn’t come till later. We have had experiences with inpatient and four intensive outpatient programs throughout the marriage, thousand of counseling hours, medication trials, Ketamine infusions, multiple disorders, multiple job losses, two separations, a jail incident, and more. Today, we are happily married despite living these daily struggles. Hear Erin tell the story now…

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IWC Best of 2020: Kylie Odetta – Singer Songwriter dealing with OCD

Repost of the Best:

Indie/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Kylie Odetta, is lighting a fire within the underground music scene. With music that is powerful, dreamy, and full of passion she uses the piano & raspy vocals to draw you in. Kylie has been called an old soul and penned over 200 songs. Her southern roots make for a unique twist in her vocal character as she emits an iconic sound that is both refreshing and original and emotional. You might call her an indie artist but with hints of jazz, soul and pop influences.

Kylie O has become a seasoned performer as she has carried the big stage solo having had the opportunity to open for music artists Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone and Kelly Pickler as well as 100’s of her own shows. Kylie is on a mission to share her music with others and truly connect with people through the lyrics. She is here in today story from the OCD side to tell you how she overcame bullying, ocd and anxiety to create a blossoming music career. Join us now for this unique story…

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Stories From The OCD Side: Mike Sizemore Talks About His Long Journey with OCD

Mike was diagnosed with OCD at age 13 following a hospitalization at an adolescent psychiatric facility.  The disorder runs strongly through his family along with other anxious symptoms.  Both his Great Grandmother and Grandfather were also sufferers.  The onset of my symptoms came about at the transitioning from grade school into middle school.  The disorder began with a striking severity…find out more by joining us in this Stories From The OCD Side now…


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