Stories From the OCD Side: Keith Ramachandran Tells His OCD Story

Cleaning the kitchen for 4 to 5 hours after dinner! Cleaning all your roommates rooms for them in college! Keith wasn’t a maid service, he had severe OCD and didn’t get diagnosis till after he got married. He talks about how it was to cope and get by is OCD situation. Hear Keith tell his story now…

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Special IWC Interview: Marriage and Mental Health with Keith and Erin Ramachandran

When they only realized Keith had OCD, PTSD and depression they had to figure how they were going to make their marriage work. That started the ball rolling on Erin writing the book “Mental Health Strong: Christian’s Guide to Walking Resiliently Alongside Your Spouse with a Mental Health Condition” and a non-profit organization called Mental Health Strong to support other who have a spouse or partner in marriage dealing with OCD and anxiety. Join us now for this lively conversation with Erin and Keith…

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Stories From the OCD Side: Erin Ramachandran Tells her husband’s OCD story

Keith and I have been married for 13 years. Though he has had OCD since he was ten, his diagnosis didn’t come till later. We have had experiences with inpatient and four intensive outpatient programs throughout the marriage, thousand of counseling hours, medication trials, Ketamine infusions, multiple disorders, multiple job losses, two separations, a jail incident, and more. Today, we are happily married despite living these daily struggles. Hear Erin tell the story now…

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: November 2017 Interview Jeff and Nancy Couple Dealing with OCD

Since Podcast 54 this past week was about OCD and Romantic Partners, we travel back to an interview with a couple who are dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder with one of the two. Hear how they deal with it. 

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IWC Throwback Thurs: September 2017 – My Daughters Interview

Going back in time to hear Don Grothoff’s daughter’s story about her OCD struggles.

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Stories From The OCD Side: Timothy Olsen tells his Sensorimotor OCD Story

One day, quite a while back now, I had the thought ‘I am blinking’. Being a person with OCD and high levels of anxiety, this thought naturally led onto such thoughts as ‘What if I can never stop noticing my blinking now?’.

Little did I know at the time that sensorimotor OCD had taken hold of my mind. What followed was sheer panic and many weeks/months/years of trying to figure out how to escape my predicament. Join Timothy for telling the whole story now…

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