IWC Interview with Wayne Connell – CEO of Invisible Disabilities Assoc.

Wayne Connell, the founder, president and CEO of the Invisible Disabilities® Association, established IDA twenty years ago in 1996 out of the desire to educate friends and family about his wife’s debilitating illness. Soon afterwards, people around the globe began sending emails sharing how IDA had changed their relationships with their loved ones. 

He is co-author of the book, “But You LOOK Good, How to Encourage and Understand People Living with Illness and Pain.” Wayne’s background fueled his passion for helping people living with illness, pain and disability. His experience includes that of a professional, multitasking husband caregiver with an extensive background in management, media and technology. This man on a mission quickly launched IDA into a world-wide outreach for millions living with invisible disabilities.

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IWC Interview with Janet Singer – OCDTalk Blog writer, speaker and author

Janet Singer is an advocate for OCD awareness, with the goal of spreading the word that obsessive-compulsive disorder, no matter how severe, is treatable. In 2008, her son Dan suffered from OCD so debilitating he could not even eat.

Janet is the author of Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery (Rowman & Littlefield, January 2015) which recounts her family’s story. She writes regularly for PsychCentral and was a long-time contributor to

She has also been the keynote speaker at OCD and NAMI conferences. She started her own blog, ocdtalk, in 2010, and it currently reaches readers in 176 countries. She uses a pseudonym to protect her son’s privacy.

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Raising the Inner Child Tapping Recording – IWC 5

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping Recording for Podcast 5 Raising the Inner Child

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Raising the Inner Child – IWC Podcast 5

This podcast drifts slightly off of the OCD path but still has relevance to the whole idea of anxiety. We grow up, go to school, get married, work a job and become adults. The problem is that we don’t raise out inner child and thus the anxiety begins…

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IWC Interview with Susan Phariss – Brain Fitness Strategies

It took Susan Phariss getting through 10 years of her own anxiety to figure out how she could help kids get through their anxiety. She goes to the core of anxiety studying and working with primative reflexes…listen here to find out more

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Compared to Me. – IWC Podcast 4

How do you stand up to other people’s life? Do you compare yourself to others? Does it seem unfair? How can we compare ourselves to others who play by different standards? Different beliefs? When we have a chaotic life such as my family who lived through a horrendous time with OCD we tend to compare ourselves to others who have not been through that issue? Of course, they have other things going on we don’t know about. 

Well comparing yourself to others doesn’t help? Listen to this IWC Podcast and maybe you will understand.

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