IWC Throw Back Thursday: Compared To Me from 2017

What is normal? A lot of clients come to me and tell me they just want to be normal. Compared to what? Who defines what normal is? Is there a set of standards? There are laws and rules they try but that is not what makes us up. Let’s talk about comparisons and normal on this Throwback Thursday podcast.

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: I just want to be normal – from 2017

Do you ever feel like a normal life eludes you? Well, maybe this podcast can help you understand why it does? One of the biggest statements I get from new clients working on issues is “I just want to be normal!” or “I want to get back to normal.” Of course, that would be nice if we really had an idea of normal.

#beingnormal #iamnotnormal #whatisnormal #ijustwanttobenormal #invisiblewheelchairpodcast #societalnorms

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