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Unlocking the hidden mind of OCD and advocating for positive recovery!

Invisible Wheelchair Podcast advocates for those who suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, anxiety and anxiety disorders using interviews, OCD stories and relevant information.

Founder: Donald Grothoff

Founded: April 1,  2017

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Podcast 39: OCD Comebacks


Stephen Smith – Founder and CEO of NOCD

Stories from the OCD Side

Kylie Odetta


Informational Podcast (One per month) – resources and information about OCD, anxiety and anxiety disorders

Interviews (One per month)  – Doctors, Therapist, Advocates, Associations Leaders, Professionals

Stories from the OCD Side (One per month)  – OCD survivors telling their stories

Throw Back Thursdays (One per month)  – Bring back relevant podcast from the past

Focused Healthy Family Segment -(Two per month) COMING SOON – looking at the family side of OCD

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