IWC Interview Podcast: Cathy Goldstein Mullin – OCD Sufferer and OCD Psychiatric Therapist

What is it like when someone who has suffered through Obsessive Compulsive Disorder becomes a psychiatric therapist specializing in OCD? In this podcast you will be able to meet such a person when Don interviews Cathy Goldstein Mullin and she tells her story of suffering through OCD and how she has perfected a unique way of treating it.

IWC Podcast 31: Compassionate Coach

Getting past Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is challenging and the person that suffers with OCD needs support to get through anxiety driven OCD. Especially when that person is going through ERP Therapy (Exposure Response Prevention) to overcome OCD they need someone as their coach. The coach must be behind them support their actions. Now in this podcast find out why I call the job the “Compassionate Coach”…

IWC Interview Podcast: Jack White – President of Alpha Team Medical

Jack is the president of Alpha Team Medical, a biochemist, an applied neuroscience researcher and Clinical Educator who earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration from Appalachian State University.

Jack has been studying and researching brain science since he was 13 years old. On this podcasts Jack shares his own issues with the brain and how the brain function with anxiety and OCD. He also introduces a brain technology that can help those suffering with OCD. Join us now for this exploring interview…