Special IWC Interview: Dr. Russell – Student Coaching vs Tutoring vs Therapy

Do you believe you only have two choices for your child / student? Tutoring or Therapy? There is another option and that is coaching for your child / student. Dr. Norinne Russell talks about her coaching practice and how she can help your student achieve the best. Listen now for our conversation…

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5 thoughts on “Special IWC Interview: Dr. Russell – Student Coaching vs Tutoring vs Therapy

  1. I so enjoyed the podcast with Dr. Russell. While it was educational about skill development and support, what was extraordinary was Dr. Russell’s approach to seeing the whole person and recognizing the relationship of emotional connection to skill development. She also acknowledges and appreciates the uniqueness of both children and families and is taking essential steps in helping others see the value of a holistic approach grounded in empathy and creativity— making this arguably one of the most critical and sometimes overlooked aspects of the value of coaching. Her philosophy tells you everything about her and her coaching style and can be summarized in the three simple words she says to children, young adults, and their parents “Lean on me.”

  2. What Dr. Russell and her team do for students is beyond amazing. It is done with patience, empathy and trust. They focus on the whole student, not just a specific subject to get them through the school year. Russell Coaching wants to foster skills to help children succeed both in school and in life.

  3. What great insight into coaching and how it benefits neurotypical students! So glad Dr. Russell and her coaches are providing these services and meeting students where they are with love. Just awesome!

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