IWC Interview: Jondi Whitis – New Book: Emotional First Aid for Children

With great joy in today’s podcast I introduce you to a friend and colleague of mine Jondi Whitis. Today we are talking about her new book: “Compassion in Action: Emotional First Aid for Children: How to Quickly Help in Times of Trouble.”

She teaches children about their human design and how to use it, to better weather whatever Life throws at them. She has expanded her trainings to include and emphasize the importance of Emotional First-Aid, the first step in preventing and recovering from the everyday traumatic experiences that not only define our times but can forever define children’s meaning about themselves and the world.

So in this podcast we are talking about how she uses Emotional First Aid in her practice and new book.

So join me now for my interview with Jondi…

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Check out this episode!

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