IWC Off the Cuff Podcast: Introducing 4 Part Series on Food and Anxiety

Starting June 16th, 2020 and over the next 4 weeks our Invisible Wheelchair Four Part Series will go over: Food and It’s Effects on Anxiety and the Brain, Foods To Avoid, Processed Foods and their Effects on Anxiety, How to Find the Right Foods. Find out more by listening now…


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Off The Cuff Podcast: Talking Coronavirus with OCD

The news and media are running rampant on this Coronavirus pandemic and for those who sufferer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD this can be devastating and relapsing. So India Haylor wrote an article on how talking about Coronavirus can be handled for a person suffering from OCD. In this, off the cuff podcast, I read from the article and talk about how to talk about this devastating problem. This now to this…

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Cinnamin Raisin Toast Memories – IWC Off the Cuff OCD Podcast 1

When my memories flash back to my childhood and then blend with today’s thoughts and actions it brings up interesting thoughts. How did we handle disabilities in my childhood days? Did we treat people who were “handicapped” fairly? Compared to now how do we fair? How do we deal with invisible disabilities? OCD? ADHD? Let’s talk…

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