Stories From the OCD Side: Keith Ramachandran Tells His OCD Story

Cleaning the kitchen for 4 to 5 hours after dinner! Cleaning all your roommates rooms for them in college! Keith wasn’t a maid service, he had severe OCD and didn’t get diagnosis till after he got married. He talks about how it was to cope and get by is OCD situation. Hear Keith tell his story now…

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Stories From the OCD Side: Erin Ramachandran Tells her husband’s OCD story

Keith and I have been married for 13 years. Though he has had OCD since he was ten, his diagnosis didn’t come till later. We have had experiences with inpatient and four intensive outpatient programs throughout the marriage, thousand of counseling hours, medication trials, Ketamine infusions, multiple disorders, multiple job losses, two separations, a jail incident, and more. Today, we are happily married despite living these daily struggles. Hear Erin tell the story now…

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Stories From the OCD Side: Maia Kinney Petrucha tells her story

From the age of 4 Maia (My Ya) was aware of her OCD and through the awareness over her life it made it possible to manage her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and live a life creatively helping other through Theater. Join us for her story.

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Stories From The OCD Side: Ginger McGee Tells Her Son’s Story of Tourettes and OCD

Having OCD is tough enough, adding in Tourettes with Tics can make for a horrific nightmare. Ginger McGee and her family know that combination. Join us now to hear Ginger tell her son’s journey through that combination.

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Stories From the OCD Side: Jenna Overbaugh – OCD Therapist tells her own story of dealing with OCD

Sometimes we think we are immuned from something because of what we do or how we take care of ourselves. Well that was the nieve thought of Jenna Overbaugh, an OCD specialized therapist, who suffered with OCD Post Pardum and live to tell about it. She tells her personal story in this podcast. Join us on her wild journey along OCD now…

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