IWC Podcast Interview: Shauna Leigh – Pure OCD Sufferer and OCD Advocate

Today I have the honor of introducing Shauna-Leigh Davies, Shauna is 19 years old from Wales, UK. Her OCD has always come up for short periods during her childhood and would last just a few months. Everything seemed to change when she turned 16 years old, OCD hit her hard. Ever since she has continued to suffer from Pure O. Find out more about her story here…

IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Jan Weiner – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Believing they may be attracted to someone of the same sex, even though there has been no sign previously, can trigger a person into obsessive thoughts and doubts about their sexual orientation. Am I  really gay? Am I really straight? I am confused! These could be the thoughts of a person dealing with Sexual Orientation OCD, also known as Homosexual OCD or HOCD. Find out more in this podcast with OCD expert Dr. Jan Weiner…

IWC Interview Podcast: Cathy Goldstein Mullin – OCD Sufferer and OCD Psychiatric Therapist

What is it like when someone who has suffered through Obsessive Compulsive Disorder becomes a psychiatric therapist specializing in OCD? In this podcast you will be able to meet such a person when Don interviews Cathy Goldstein Mullin and she tells her story of suffering through OCD and how she has perfected a unique way of treating it.

IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Kurian Abraham – New Hope Clinical Research

Have you ever been part of a clinical trial for a new medication to help OCD sufferers? Well if not her might be a chance. Dr. Abraham talks about a clinical trial for a new medication that could have positive results against Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Do you want to be part of the test? Listen and find out if you are eligible.

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