IWC Interview Podcast: Natasha Daniels – Child OCD Therapist

Natasha Daniels is an anxiety and OCD child therapist and a mom to three kids with anxiety and OCD. She is the host of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, the creator of the AT Parenting Survival website and her kids youtube channel, Ask the Child Therapist. Learn more by listening now…


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IWC Interview Podcast: Don’s Interview on Whistle Blowers Podcast

Bullying is at an all time high and Dawn Westmoreland is the bullying expert. She interviews Don Grothoff creator of the Invisible Wheelchair Podcast. Talking about bullying, anxiety around bullying, what I do with EFT tapping and how I have handled some bullying cases. Listen in now to find out more…


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IWC Interview Podcast: Debby Houston – Therapist and Author of Mervous Tames OCD

The reality of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is captured in a children’s book called “Mervous Tames OCD”. It is a wonderful book helping little kids understand and learn how to deal with OCD. Today’s podcast interviews the author of the book, Debby Houston. Join us now to hear all about it.

IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Ona (Dr Z) Talks About ACT Therapy and ERP

ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) Therapy is the official IOCD Foundation recommendation for treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Dr. Patricia Zurita-Ona (better known as Dr. Z ) takes ERP therapy to another level using Acceptance Commitment Therapy along with ERP to treatment OCD. Join us for this podcast where she talks about the unique way she does it…

IWC Interview Podcast Recast: Dr. Chad Wetterneck – Rogers Behavioral Health Center

Best of 2019 Podcast posted Friday Dec 20, 2019

Rogers Behavioral Health (formerly Rogers Memorial Hospital) is the top, world renown center for treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Today’s interview is with Dr. Chad Wetterneck, licensed clinical psychologist at Rogers Behavioral Health and he shares with us some vital information about Rogers and the treatment of OCD. Join us now for this informative and enlightening interview with Dr. Chad Wetterneck from Rogers Behavioral Health…

IWC Interview Podcast: Gina Grothoff – My Wife and Mother to 2 Kids with OCD

Best of 2019 Podcast posted Wed Dec 18, 2019

You have heard me talk about OCD and what my family went through now get a new perspective on that story from my wife. She shares what it was like from a mother’s view and feelings. Join us now…