IWC Best of 2019 Recast Podcast 26: Arm Length Awareness

Best of 2019 Posted Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

Awareness is the first step in any healing. Knowing and understanding what is going on helps then to find the answers. It takes a while to fully get the awareness and thus it is important to understand Arm Length Awareness. Find out more….

IWC Podcast 35: Holiday Tips with Children with Special Needs

Holidays can be very stressful. Shopping, parties, finances, dealing with relatives and so much more. Add into this mixture of stress a child or person with special needs and that anxiety can go off the roof. In this podcast we talk about tips to changing the holidays around to make them more peaceful and less stress…

IWC Podcast 34: Parenting – A Research Project

We all know that parenting is a life long job, the toughest and yet the most rewarding job. Have you ever thought about that parenting is actually a life long research project? On this podcast I explore the idea of parenting as a research project and what that means. I think you will find it this podcast will give you a free out of jail ticket for parenting. Join me now…