IWC Throw Back Thursday: L Culleton from Dec 2020 – Kundalini Yoga for OCD

Throwback to December of 2020 and go back to Ireland with Linda. Linda Culleton is an expert in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety and has worked with high-profile clients nationally and Internationally.

Linda’s approach focuses on healing the root cause of the issue not just the symptoms as that is where life transformations take place.

She is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor and is passionate about empowering people with life skills and tools to live healthy and happy life.

Listen now to her own personal story with OCD and  what she did about it…

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: Compared To Me from 2017

What is normal? A lot of clients come to me and tell me they just want to be normal. Compared to what? Who defines what normal is? Is there a set of standards? There are laws and rules they try but that is not what makes us up. Let’s talk about comparisons and normal on this Throwback Thursday podcast.

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: Enhancing the Sponge Years from 2017

We take in so much when we are kids so much so that we are sponges absorbing what we need to make the foundation of our life. What can parents do to make that a positive experience that will shape your child for the future. Find out now here in part two of the sponge years series.

#spongeyears #childhood #parents #growingup #parentsinfluence #anxiety #stress #focusedhealthyfamily #invisiblewheelchair #dongrothoff

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IWC Throw Back Thursday: Sponge Years from March 2017

What are some of the things that will influence your whole life? Well things taken in during your early childhood can have a major impact on the rest of your life. Find out about the sponge years and how they affect us.

#thespongeyears #childhood #parentsinfluence #growingup #anxiety #parents #invisiblewheelchair #dongrothoff

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IWC Throwback Thursday: Signs and Symptoms of OCD

How can you tell whether you have OCD or not? What are the signs and symptoms? On this Throwback Thurs we go back to 2017 and one of the first podcast we did about the symptoms and signs of OCD. Join us for this look back…

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