A teenage client made this statement regarding her on emotional issues: “I wish they could see my invisible wheelchair, maybe then they would understand what I am going through and stop giving me trouble.”

How perfect of a description of many of the disorders that are out there where there are no outward, physical appearances of what anguish is going on inside.

I am Donald Grothoff, a Family OCD Coach. I am also a father, husband, business owner, friend and parent of three children, one with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I work with parents and kids dealing with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) anxiety and anxiety disorders to help them resolve the issues those issues and more.

In my life I have met so many parents who have to deal everyday with stress, exhaustion, fear and worry because a member of their family deals with those issues. When one family member is diagnosed the whole family suffers.

My passion for helping families started taking shape in 2009 when my own daughter was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. My family went from a “normal” life to a life of extreme chaos and turmoil in a matter of weeks. My energetic, happy-go-lucky, little girl’s life was thrown into anxiety, drama and pain.

Since that time my daughter has changed with the help of myself, my wife, family and others and the end result is our happy home and focused, healthy and happy children!” Through this podcast I hope to help and support those that suffer with the hidden anxiety that most of the world does not see.

The focus of this podcast will be OCD, anxiety and anxiety disorders, interviewing people dealing with OCD, talking about symptoms, intrusive thoughts and much more. I hope you will find it help, leave a comment or tell your Invisible Wheelchair story.

To find out more about Don’s work go to: focusedhealthyfamily.com, familyocd.com or balancemconsulting.com