IWC Interview: Unstuck Kids OCD Movie – Interview with Chris Baier

Out of the fear and confusion of OCD, six kids offer hope

Honest. Educational. Inspiring.

UNSTUCK is a family-friendly short film that lets kids and teens speak truthfully about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and explain how they learned to face their fears and regain control of their lives. Join us on this interview and watch the movie here:

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IWC Throwback Thursday: 5 Speeds of the Brain

Throwing back to 2017 and episode 8 – 5 Speeds of the Brain. Does your brain go at the speed it needs to? Does it get stuck in one speed and not let you out of that speed. Find out how you can get unstuck in those speeds (waves). Join the podcast now…

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IWC Podcast 52: I Want To Be Positive, Maybe Not!

If you think of the gear shift in your car, it has usually the following

P = Park

R = Reverse

N = Neutral

D = Driver

L = Low Gear

Which of those gears would you consider positive? “D” for drive correct? Maybe. Being positive is not all it is set up to be. Take a look at this podcast and discover a difference in how we think of positive and negative. You might be surprised at the answer and how it helps us get past the anxiety and stress.

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IWC Podcast 52 Tapping Recording: I Want To Be Positive, Maybe Not!

This is the Podcast 52 Tapping Recording: I Want To Be Positive, Maybe Not!

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