IWC Interview with Susan Phariss – Brain Fitness Strategies

It took Susan Phariss getting through 10 years of her own anxiety to figure out how she could help kids get through their anxiety. She goes to the core of anxiety studying and working with primative reflexes…listen here to find out more

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Compared to Me. – IWC Podcast 4

How do you stand up to other people’s life? Do you compare yourself to others? Does it seem unfair? How can we compare ourselves to others who play by different standards? Different beliefs? When we have a chaotic life such as my family who lived through a horrendous time with OCD we tend to compare ourselves to others who have not been through that issue? Of course, they have other things going on we don’t know about. 

Well comparing yourself to others doesn’t help? Listen to this IWC Podcast and maybe you will understand.

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Compare to Me: IWC Tapping Podcast 4

This is the tapping recording for IWC Podcast 4

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